• From Transient Stays to Thriving Communities

    We transform underutilized hotels into vibrant apartment ecosystems, fostering a win-win for residents and investors.

  • We Make SHIFT Happen.

    Get returns that consistently exceed common stock & real estate benchmarks.

  • We Renovate. You Benefit.

    With our time-tested SHIFT process, distressed hotels in high-traffic
    metros become 90% leased properties.

SHIFT Asset Classes. SHIFT to lower CAP rates. SHIFT to the next level of returns. We make SHIFT happen. Be part of the SHIFT

Establish a legacy worth preserving.

We are leading the industry in motel & hotel to apartment conversions by transforming community afterthoughts into desirable residential spaces, offering a fully loaded all inclusive leasing experience.

Learning by engaging in practical experience.

Our success hinges on our willingness to tackle challenges head-on, cultivate strong partnerships, leverage specialized expertise, and spearhead innovative solutions in the realm of real estate investment.

Strategy equals gain.

At HotelShift, we believe that every decision should be made strategically, weighed against other options, and selectively pursued. So that is what we do! We put in hard work up front by devoting ample time and energy to analyzing each investment opportunity. We conduct market research, assess property location and future rent growth potential, determine future operational costs and income, consider cap rates, tour the property, and the list goes on. Our approach relies on patience and only moving forward with opportunities we are confident will perform excellently, and we put our money where our mouth is. We invest our own capital in every investment we take on. We believe in what we do.

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